Grant Opportunity

Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation is reopening its Individual Development Account program, an opportunity for economic development. Participants gain financial and business planning skills while engaging in a matched savings plan where they are eligible to receive a 4-to-1 match of up to $4,000.

EMSDC also has several grants amounting up to $4,250 available for rent and utility payments for Asheville-based businesses.

For further information regarding the IDA program, please contact our Executive Administrator, Kamryn Mason, at or (828)281-1227 ext. 102 for further details.

Catawba Vale Collective HUB

Nestled at the foot of Old Fort Mountain lies a sleepy little town, Old Fort, NC, where the residents in the town number approximately 491+. It is the homeplace of Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation, CDC’s President CEO, Stephanie Swepson Twitty, and the new home of the EMSDC’s signature Innovate to Incubate program–providing subsidized office and retail lease space and business advisory training. Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation is proud to present the EMSDC, Catawba Vale Collective HUB, a historic landmark in downtown Old Fort, NC, is the only business of color on the main street of Old Fort. This achievement was accomplished through a generous grant from Dogwood Health Trust $280,000.00–as an investment in the community to provide the opportunity to support and start emerging businesses in the outdoor and trails industry.

The Symbiotic Fund Presents: The Root Word is Repair

The Community Equity Fund proposing a voluntary opportunity for businesses operating tourists attractions, the Repair Fund. The funds would benefit the Communities who have been displaced due efforts to build a robust tourism economy. The fund would be used to stimulate the creation of intergenerational wealth in Asheville’s historically Black communities. Please take some time to learn about this project. You can access the full article at The Symbiotic Fund–credit Kevin Doyle Jones, Faith+Finance,

Eagle Market Street Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit but for community benefit organization that welcomes community thought leaders’ engagement. Please support us in the work that we do by gifting a donation.

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