Another loss? I am a loser. Is this valid? Am I valid? Will I fail? I am a failure.

The endless streams of doubt and uncertainty which entrepreneurship can awaken is intense. It’s like a wild and crazy monkey has been released between your ears and they are tearing the place up, swinging and spinning constantly.

Calming the mind from endless streams of self-doubt, comparisons, and judgments can seem never-ending and lead to stress and anxiety.
Especially considering the never-ending to-do lists, the countless pivots, and the natural what-ifs that occur for every entrepreneur.

Just as important as filing for your business licenses and nailing the right branding; is the pause needed to keep your internal dialogue in-check and strong against all the pulls from the outside chaos.

Here’s why; constant self-badgery, worry, and negative thinking creates a host of psychological and physical dangers and diseases.

Concerns like high blood pressure, weakened immune functioning, and higher levels of stress hormones occur when we are not taking care of our mental landscape.

Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine are the three main stress hormones released when we feel constant pressure, uncertainty, negative thinking, or extended periods of mental overdrive. We live in a high-paced world and the pressures of getting it all done seems endless. Pile on top the crazy entrepreneurial monkey-mind and you have a recipe for disaster.

Taking time each day to bring awareness to our monkey-mind is the first step in creating a strong and empowering internal dialogue. Bringing awareness to our internal critic and responding with self-compassion are our ultimate tasks to living with more energy, more peace of mind, and more success.

Calling out the critic increases our chances of not getting lost in the stories of the mind. We are energetic beings and wherever we put our attention so do our energy and resources go.

Where is your mind resting? Do you feel lost in the chaos of negative, limiting beliefs? Does the pressure of entrepreneurship have your monkey-mind running wild?

Fear not my entrepreneurial friend, I am here to help. Over the past decade of study and self-development, I have uncovered 10 key steps to stop nasty self-talk and empower a dialogue that will help you break free of limiting beliefs and mind-stories.

My e-book, Stop Nasty Self-Talk, guides you through 10 key steps to breaking free from the crazy monkey between your ears. We begin by building awareness around the thoughts that keep coming up for you, especially the ones that pop up repeatedly during stressful or challenging times. We then dive into where these beliefs came from and what needs may need to be met before you can really change your mindset.

Science supports how mindfulness & affirmations support our internal journey and help us rewire our minds to support a life of peace, happiness, and success. We get to choose what we focus our attention on and we get to choose how we show up in our lives. It all begins in the mind.

Ready to tackle your wild entrepreneurial monkey-mind?

Schedule your free 15-minute discovery session today and download your printable, guided workbook here:

So much love and luck on your journey,

Jodi Eubanks


Jodi Eubanks, Founder of Best Self Wellness Coaching & Movement

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