The IDA process is complex.


Don’t get frustrated.


We’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step!

Don't know where to start?

Don't know where to start?

View the slider below or download the slides as a document (PDF).

What to do, where do
I start,what should I expect?

1. Complete an Application (paper/online)

2. Complete an in-person interview/screening to determine enrollment eligibility

3. Schedule follow up interview if necessary

Other important things you should know

- You must meet HUD eligibility guidelines for income verification, *200% of Poverty.

- Eligibility is determined by using HUD formula for low-moderate income individuals and families.

- You must meet Federal guidelines for minority designation populations.

Which one works for your business?

• Minimum deposit of $25.00
• Regular monthly deposits of $100—eligible to withdraw funds in 10 months


• One time maximum deposit of $500.00
• Regular monthly deposits of $83.00—eligible to draw funds in 6 months


• One time maximum deposit of $500.00
• Regular monthly deposits of $250.00-eligible to draw funds in 3 months

Additional Information
Participant must receive/participate in training:

• 21 hours of Financial Capability Education
• 12 hours of Asset Specific Management
• Participants must complete a business/sustainability and Marketing plan or Executive Summary (to be determined during interview)

All training is mandatory, (participants may not opt-out).

• Participants are required to provide proof of citizenship
• Your Practitioner will provide you with a list of acceptable forms of identifications
• IDA for Small Business Development participants must provide/obtain a DUNS
• Participants are required to provide a current credit report

All U. S. citizens may pull one free credit report each year.

• Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation works with Ontrack Financial Services in helping you obtain a free credit report.
• Every 2nd Friday of the month, Ontrack Financial Services takes walk-ins who are interested in having a credit report pulled for free. Ontrack is located: 50 S French Broad Ave, Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 255-5166

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