What Changes are you Making in the World?

What Changes are you Making Within?


Peace Power for People, 

Calling all Change Makers, Change Agents, and those committed to making positive changes in their community and the world around them! 

Team Changing The World By Changing Me is about everyday “extraordinary” people making changes in their own lives that positively impact themselves and those around them. It started as a single and expanded into a movement! 

Jonathan “Santos” is rooted in Asheville, North Carolina, and he has been serving the Carolinas for over 10 years. As a recipient of Eagle Market Street’s IDA program, Jonathan is relaunching his Team CWCM and GlocalSoul Edu

“I am better equipped to serve and connect World Changers regionally, nationally, and globally to the Asheville CommUnity!” Santos explained. 

Support the MESSAGE and the MOVEMENT! 

Order your #TeamCWCM hoodies and shirts at:


Find out more about our IDA program

Eagle Market Streets’ IDA Program is a Matched Savings Program that provides capital for microenterprise businesses and higher education. Let us help you make a difference in your life and business.

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